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My mother was in a happy mood all day. You are doing a rare and wonderful thing by coming to sing with her.

Love and peace, Mary


Thank you for a wonderful morning singing....and always thanks for the joy you spread. ---Virginia


Hope you can come Thursday. My patient was so happy from the last visit. She told her mother that having everyone here was joyous. And in the afternoon she stayed awake talking and told me about the ladies visit that morning. Can't asked for anything better than that. You do very good work when you visit the elderly and sing. Thank you. V. Marguerite

********************************************************************* I am very glad you are doing this. I wish we had something like it here. One of my neighbors plays harp, in general and also as a ministry to the dying, but I don't know of any one who is doing something as joyous as group singing or coffee house type stuff. I am very glad you are doing it, and I hope your groups continue to flourish.



Wendy and I are still talking about the effects of the singing session with {our 100 year old friend} and what it did for us.... I am looking forward to sharing the sessions with you again.


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