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Singing with Preschool, East Street School , Granby, MA

Hadley Elementary School, 1st and 2nd Grade, Hadley, MA

Leverett Elementary School, Leverett, MA 01054 "The Friendship ARC" (Awareness, Response, Concern) Traveling Curious Giraffe Show, Pre-K through 2nd grade

Chapin Street School in Ludlow, 160 2nd Graders, "The Friendship ARC" (Awareness, Response, Concern) Traveling Curious Giraffe Show

Celebrate Shutesbury: Nana Bananas!

Belchertown Fair Kids Tent: Nana Bananas!

Curious Giraffe All About Friends: Pelham Elementary School

Amherst Winter Farmer's Market, April 2nd, Amherst Regional Middle School,

10:00 AM-12:00 PM

Singing with Katie Tolles: Cabin Fever Singalong and Potluck

Shutesbury Elementary School, Friday, March 25th, 5:30 Family Potluck, then

6:00-7:00 Concert

Summer Family Entertainment Series

Odyssey Bookshop

South Hadley, MA

The Song

FCAT, South Deerfield, MA

Spring Street Preschool

Amherst, MA

Leverett Elementary Book Fair

Leverett, MA

Beantown Pals Radio Show

Boston, MA

Veg Fest

Northampton, MA

Amherst Winter's Farmer's Market

Amherst Regional Middle School

Home Visits

Amherst, MA

Nursing Home Visits

New England Health Center (Cozy Corners Nursing Home)

Sunderland, MA

Hospice of the Fisher Home

Amherst, MA

Meghan's Birthday Party

Pelham, MA

Clover's Birthday Party

South Deerfield, MA

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