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Offering the Magic of Singing Together
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The Next Generation, Pete Seeger Style!

It is almost time for the next Happy Valley Children's Chorus Concert! This session we have 18 kids, ages 5-12, excited to share the Pete Seeger songs they've been learning.  (The photo at the side was last spring's group.) The concert will be held at the:
First Congregational Church of Amherst, 
165 Main Street, Amherst, MA 01002.
Dec. 7th, at 1:30 PM

Some of the selections are familiar to the whole wide world, and some are rare finds pulled from Pete's own "Singalong Memoir: Where Have All the Flowers Gone." Every song will feed and strengthen their souls for a lifetime. 

This is why I do the chorus. In my experience the songs we learn stay with us, encouraging, lifting us, carrying us all the way through life. So I take my time choosing our repertoire. Some songs are gentle, some songs are peppy, but they all provide sustenance for the lifetime journey. Pete's songs have hope and they have courage, and they create community. 

So many of us love to sing, and singing is something one can do anywhere, anytime. But it is so much more fun to do together! That feeling of blending one's single voice with a whole group of others is like diving into the rush of a river. The full sound of many voices raised together in song is a natural high! 

Singing and movement go together. Our performance will include some sign language, some choreography (created by a third grader!), and a rousing dance from the Middle East!

Following our planned selections, the children who choose to will offer solo performances of favorite songs that they have learned outside of chorus. This will be the surprise part of the show!  We hope many will join us and encourage this next generation of singers.