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About Dorothy

Dorothy Cresswell, is the creator and producer of "The Curious Giraffe Show: Musical Conversations with Kids." She is available to bring singing to any setting, public or private, large or small.

Dorothy co-leads "The Healing Circle Singers," with Helen Fortier, and co-hosts the "Bridges Coffee House and Open Mic" with Tulip Chowdhury, which are both held and sponsored by The First Congregational Church of Amherst, with support from other members of the wider community.  

Dorothy and Katie Tolles, are long time singing partners and now grandmothers, and offer a children's duo called, "Old Friends"

Dorothy and Katie and Helen and Dusty Miller are often seen at various gatherings leading songs of courage and change and social and climate justice and hope.

Dorothy brings a lifetime of collecting, writing, and teaching songs. Having taught over 30 years in the public schools, she is delighted to focus now on what she enjoyed the most: building community through song.

Dorothy has a Masters in Early Childhood Education (1985), is Nationally Board Certified (1999), and is now a member of the Children's Music Network. She was part of a four-part women's band, "One Journey" for 20 years with Helen and Katie and Savanna Ouellette.

As a wife, mother, grandmother, retired kindergarten teacher and concerned citizen, Dorothy hopes that the magic of music will continue to support our energy to keep creating the world we want to see.

See the Kids Songbook page for Dorothy's CDs and songbook of original songs.

Contact Dorothy at: or 413-668-4189


Dorothy's interview on The Song, FCAT, South Deerfield, MA


An interview on "Hourglass Trails" shares some of Dorothy's newer songs:

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