Dorothy Cresswell, Helen Fortier, and Katie Tolles - Offering the magic of singing together

                    Song Lyrics (listed alphabetically)

All Kinds of Families
By Dorothy Cresswell, copyright 1995

     A                                                         D                 A
There are all kinds of families when we take time to see.
                                                                  D                        E7
When we look at our families, they’re as different as can be.
              A                                      D
But the fact about a family is that love is the key,
              A                           E7-A
Yes, it’s love that makes a family.

           E7                                                       A
Some families come through marriage and many through birth,
           E7                                     A
And many through adoptions all over the earth.
              E7                                               A
But whatever way they come to be, our families have great worth,
For it’s love that makes a family!

Some families have a mom and dad, a boy or a girl.
Some of us have folks who came from all around the world,
Some families have two moms or dads and precious boys or girls.
Oh, it’s love that makes a family!

Some families have lots of pets and some families have none.
And all of us have chores to do, but when the chores are done,
There are special ways and special days our families have fun,
Oh, it’s love that makes a family!

Some families stay together and some families change
And they live in separate houses but the love remains.
Whether mommy or your daddy or grandparents tuck you in.
Oh, it’s love that makes a family!

And some of us use one last name and some of us use two.
Some are easy to spell and some are hard to do.
But each and every family has folks like me and you!
Oh, it’s love that makes a family!
Aria                                          By Dorothy Cresswell, copyright 1994

G       D7    G    C
Aria, Aria, Aria, Aria,
G                 D7                    G              D7
Song of the universe and child of my heart.
G       D7   G      C
Aria, Aria, Aria, Aria,
G                D7                                     G
You are a child of light that’s who you are.

         C                                         G
You may feel that darkness surrounds you at night,
       D7                                G
But you are a child, who is filled with great light.
      C                             G
So picture the sun as it shines at mid-day
  D7                                                              G
And all your dark fears will be out-shined away!


If you’ve got a problem that’s weighing you down,

Don’t hold onto it; put it right on a cloud.

Then blow it away with a great, great big breath.

And angels will gladly take care of the rest!
        Bardsley Cat                                             by Dorothy Cresswell   

 G                          C        G
Bardsley was our funny cat.
                 G          C         G
When we met he was so fat!
                            C          G
‘Like a milk jug when he sat.
          D7                    G
Our pudgy Bardsley Cat,
              D7                          G
And we loved him just like that!

Bardsley loved his daily food.
‘Put him in a real good mood.
What a cheerful attitude
Our hungry Bardsley Cat,
And we loved him just like that!

Bardsley loved his small red tent
Often that is where he went.
Curled inside he was content
Our cozy Bardsley Cat,
And we loved him just like that!

Bardsley was a cuddly cat
‘Seemed to know when you were sad.
Then he’d climb into your lap,
Our caring Bardsley Cat.
And we loved him just like that!

With his sister, Mary Clare,
What a happy loving pair.
As mirror cats they would appear
A good brother Bardsley Cat.
And we loved him just like that!

Bardsley died, we miss him so
But we want you all to know
In our hearts we feel a glow
For our friendly Bardsley Cat.
How we loved him just like that!

Curious Giraffe in Florida    by Dorothy Cresswell 2018

G                                 C                 G
Giraffe looked over at pelican and said,
               D7                                       G
Why was I born to walk? Why were you born to fly?
Pelican just shrugged and gave high five,
               D7                       G
“Hey, we all share one big sky, oh yeah!”
      C                            G
    Share one big sky, share one big sky,
     D7                      G
    Give the world a big high five, yeah!
               C                                               G
    We’re different and we know it but we all get along
                 D7                              G
    ‘Cause we can all share, and we can all care,
               D7                              G-C-G
    We’re different but we all belong!

Giraffe looked over at dolphin and said,
Why do you live in water? Why do I live on land?
Dolphin just shrugged and said, “It’s all grand
And we all share one big sky, oh yeah!”

 Giraffe looked over at the lizard and said,
Why do I have spots? Why do you have stripes?
The lizard just shrugged and said, “We come in all types
Underneath this one big sky, oh yeah!”

Giraffe looked at armadillo and said,
Why do I sleep at night, why do you sleep in the day?
Armadillo shrugged and said, “We’re made that way
Underneath this one big sky, oh yeah!
First Day Butterflies        By Dorothy Cresswell, copyright 2007

                    C           F                    G
                   First day tummy butterflies!
                   All those funny feelings running round inside.

                   I don’t know what will happen,
                             It’s a big surprise!
                             So take a breath, (ahhhhh)

                   And step by step, (stomp, stomp)
                   We’ll catch those butterflies!


First Tooth!                  By Dorothy Cresswell, copyright 2013

    F                                         G7
I wiggled and I jiggled and I fiddled with my tongue.
C                                            F
I pulled until it hurt using my finger and my thumb.
              F                                          G7
When I got up in the morning and before I fell asleep,
      C                                                                                 F
I’d run my tongue and test each one of these tantalizing teeth!
F            G7          C                                               F
So long, so long. Waiting for a tooth to come out truly takes so long!
                                           G7          C                                                                             F
Waiting, anticipating, waiting for a tooth to come out truly takes so long!

Is it loose yet? No, not that one. No, not that one. No not yet.
Hmm, did that one budge a little when I took my thumb and pressed?
“Wash your hands!” my mother told me. “Get your fingers from your mouth!”
But I’ve got to keep on trying so a tooth can just come out!

Yes, indeed that one got looser as I checked it day by day.
When I wasn’t even trying it hung in a funny way.
Sort of longer, sort of twisted, it looked bigger than the rest.
I checked it in the mirror every day when I got dressed!

Now I look a little funny and I cannot help but grin
‘Cause it finally let me have it and a new one’s growing in.
And I think it’s mighty tiny when I hold it in my hand,
But look at the giant gap inside my mouth; oh, ain’t it grand?
                                                                   F            G7
So long, so long!
                                      C                                                   F                         
Waiting for my tooth to come out truly took so long.
Now no more waiting, we’re celebrating!
It took a while, but see my smile?
My tooth is finally gone!

Florida, Florida                  by Dorothy Cresswell, October 2018

Am                              E                    Am
Florida, Florida, The wind is calling Florida!
Am                            E                       Am
Florida, Florida, Oh, let’s go back to Florida!

A                     D              A                            E    
Flor-i-da, you call to us! When it’s cold and people fuss!
       A                        D                         E                  Am
We can’t resist your siren call,“Come back to Florida!”

Florida I think of you when the wind is whistling through
Though my roots are in the North, Florida keeps calling

Florida has soft warm sand, different from our northern land.
Walking barefoot, hand in hand, back in Florida!

Watch a thousand seabirds glide, chasing after every tide.
Ruddy turnstones, royal terns, back in Florida!

Florida has manatees floating in her southern seas
Gentle giants drift with ease, back in Florida!
Florida Morning Winds           By Dorothy Cresswell, copyright 2013

Am                                       Dm                Am
Morning winds are singing, singing to the sun.                                                                                     E                      Am 
“Wake up! Wake up!  A new day has begun!”

Morning winds are singing, singing to the palm trees.
“Wake up! Wake up! Feel the warm and calm breeze!”

Morning winds are singing, singing to the soft sand.
“Wake up! Wake up! Help the day start off grand!”

Morning winds are singing, singing to the sea birds.
“Wake up! Wake up! Let your voices be heard!”

Morning winds are singing, singing to the small waves.
Wake up, wake up! To this day of all days.

Freeway, the High-Flying Pig
By Dorothy Cresswell, copyright 2012

     C               F                    G               C
Tra-la-lah! I’m Freeway, the high-flying pig.
    F             C                 D7                 G   
We were off to the market, but I did a quick jig.
    F                                                           C
With a flip of my fanny I flopped o’er the side,
                                 F               G                    C-F-C
And I found myself free in the wide world outside!

                    F              C            G               C
   The day started out sunny. It started out well.
         F           C            G              C
‘Was like any other for all I could tell.
               Am                                     F               G
     Then right after breakfast, they pulled up a truck
               F                   C                  G                       C
And they packed us all in, I yelled, “Yikes, we’re all stuck!”

                 My heart started pounding; I looked all around.
                      We were shoulder to shoulder, in a big bumpy mound.
         My fear gave me nerve not to follow the crowd
                       So I leapt off that truck landing, Ouch! Up-side down!

          I checked myself over for bruises and bumps,
                  ‘Cause a pig can get hurt making high-flying jumps!
  But I’d been well-protected by all of my fat
                    So I stood up and brushed off, fancy free just like that!

        Now I’ve been adopted by a great big pig farm.
           I eat well and sleep well and show off my charm.
             So if you’re ever stuck where you don’t want to be
          Just speak up and leap up and get yourself free!
Grandmother Tree
By Dorothy Cresswell, copyright 1998

      G                                       D                     G
On our school playground on one side you’ll see
                          C              G             D
Our very own guardian Grandmother Tree.
        C              G                  D                  G
She stood long before the old blacktop was paved
        C                 G           D                  G
And here’s the true story of how she was saved!

Grandmother was just like all pines in this place,
Except that on one side she has a kind face.
And down near the ground there’s a great resting place.
A stone is in-grown in her trunk near the base!

On hot sunny days children played in her shade.
Around her wide trunk fairy houses are made,
While she watches over the new trail beyond
Right next to our wetland and small tadpole pond.

And so set the scene where we played every day.
It’s how we expected it always to stay.
‘Til one clear blue morning we all were dismayed---
On Grandmother’s back a red X had been sprayed!

Now what did this mean? Tell us, what could this be?
Oh, why have they painted our Grandmother Tree?
They trembled and cried and their hearts filled with dread.
Why was she crossed out? Would their friend soon be dead?

The kids started screaming; they made a big scene.
How could the grown-ups do something so mean?
The teacher agreed they could take time to write
Letters to save her, speak up for her rights!

They met with the principal, found out the facts
Why Grandmother Tree had been marked for the ax.
He said that her branches had grown much too tall.
If the wind got too strong they might fall on us all.

Could they trim the top part and leave us the rest?
Would they slow down and thing before taking the best?
He said he acknowledged our show of concern.
But we should just go now that we’d had our turn.

With cards and with songs and with trembling fears
We offered our Grandmother Tree our sad tears.
We offered her water; we offered her hugs.
We kissed her rough bark bid farewell to her bugs.

Well they held off the cutting until school was out.
When she was cut down we would not be about.
When fall came we dreaded that big empty space,
But wonder of wonders, we saw her kind face!

We stepped back and studied her branches up high.
Grandma had a haircut way up in the sky!
The kids hugged their teacher who hugged them right back,
And Grandmother winked at that whole happy pack!

Grandmother still winks at that whole happy pack!

I Sing!
 By Dorothy Cresswell, copyright 1990

I sing for a song lives within me.
    G                                   C
I sing for a song lives within me.
I sing and that song within me
                C                   G         C
Wants to join with that song in you.

I hope for hope lives within me.
I hope for hope lives within me.
I hope and that hope within me
Wants to join with the hope in you!

I am strong for strength lives within me.
I am strong for strength lives within me.
I am strong and that strength within me
Wants to join with the strength in you!

I speak up for a voice lives within me.
I speak up for a voice lives within me.
I speak up and that voice within me
Wants to join with the voice in you!

So I sing for a song lives within me.
So I sing for a song lives within me.
So I sing and that song within me
Wants to join with the song in you!

Kind and Growing Kinder
By Dorothy Cresswell, copyright 2012

Oh, we're kind and growing kinder
            D        E           A
Only need a small reminder
To include each one and keep it fun
      D       E       A
For everyone around.

When everyone is welcome,
          D      E            A
When everyone's a friend,

We can share ideas, ask questions,
               D              E       A
Take a chance and try again!

So we're smart and growing smarter
'Cause we try a little harder!
Make mistakes and make corrections,
Make it better over time.
When it's safe to ask our questions
And to show when we don't know,
We get help from friends and family
And our understanding grows!

So we're kind and growing kinder
Only need a small reminder
To include each one and keep It fun
For everyone around!

Kindness March                                    by Dorothy Cresswell, 2016

    G                     C           G                 D7           G
Today’s the day I set my mind—Be strong, be kind!
    G                     C       G                D7           G
I’ll find a way, a way I’ll find—Be strong, be kind!

                C                G
vs. 1    I will not let unkindness win
               C              G         D7
          So I will be a better friend
               G                       C
         A smile, a wave, a welcome in
                 D7                G
         Will help us all belong.
                 D7                   G
         So sing this mighty song!

vs. 2    I will not leave another out
           So I will stop and look about
          And make sure there’s not any doubt
          That everyone belongs.
          So sing this mighty song!

vs. 3     I love to laugh and play and run
            But really it is much more fun
            When our game’s for everyone
            And we all get along.
            So sing this mighty song!

vs.4     I will not hurt with words or deeds
           But I will be a Super-Sees
          And make sure everyone agrees
          That everyone belongs.
          So sing this mighty song!
Little Sandpiper          by Dorothy Cresswell, copyright 2013

C                          F
Little sandpiper wading in the water,
C                          F
Little sandpiper wading in the sea.
 C                            F
Dip your beak and what do you see?
 C                                 G         C
Rings flowing out from you to me!

  C                            F                    G
Rings flowing out in ever-growing circles.
 C                                  F         G
Rings flowing out from you to me.
 C                       F           G
Rings of love or rings of anger,
C                                  G           C
Which kind of rings do we set free?

Little tiny pebble drops in the water
Setting rings of ripples rolling free.
We look small next to the ocean,
But we have power, you and me!

Do we dip peace or do we dip trouble?
Do we dip joy or jealousy?
Do we dip smiles or do we dip grumbling?
What we do and say makes waves you see!

Mary Manatee                                    by Dorothy Cresswell, Feb. 2016

A                E                                   A
Mary Manatee is gentle and she’s free.
She’s trusting you and me
To keep her safe from harm.
    They were here before the dinosaurs.
    Think back, think back, think back some more!
    For years and years and years they ate their greens
    They did their part to keep the water clean.
                                                 D                                           A
        But when a speedboat speeds, it could hurt the manatees.
                                                          E                                                A
        So if you’re driving slow down please,  and watch out for manatees!

Two big flippers, a wide tail in back
Help them get around and get their snack
They love to body surf and barrel roll!
A thousands pounds is quite incredible

And they grow so very large and round
Some people call them sea cows
I think it’s funny but they say it’s true
Although I’ve never heard a manatee moo!

In 19 hundred and 75
School children got them classified
As endangered species they survived
And now they are our joy and pride!
Navigating Friendship                          by Dorothy Cresswell

C                 G                                               C
Navigating friendship, oh won’t you take a ride?
                              G                                                     C
Alone I’m fine, but it’s more fun when you are by my side.

           F                                       C            
Some days the way is easy. We laugh and chat and joke.
            G                                              C                   
Some days the way is bumpy and we argue, or we mope.
            F                                                   C
That’s when we have to steer with care; take a deep breath and hang in there
     G                                                                           C
Together we will ride the waves and we will make it through.

You cannot know my feelings though you may try to guess.
So it’s my job to tell you so can respond your best.
And its your job to listen, pay attention when I do.
Together we will ride the waves and we will make it through.

I cannot know your feelings though I may try to guess.
So it’s your job to tell me so I can respond my best.
And it’s my job to listen, pay attention when you do.
Together we will ride the waves and we will make it through.
Pelican Pilot                                           by Dorothy Cresswell @2016

G          D              G            C
Pelican Pilot sails over the sea
G                                     D7
Gliding just inches from splashdown is he
G                       C
Pelican Pilot defies gravity
           G                                 D            G
This wonder of sea birds, magician at sea.

          C                                         G
Now some things are heavy and some things are light
          D7                         G
Most birds are naturally airborne in flight
        C                         G
But Pelican Pilot’s so large in the rear
     A            A7                 D          D7
Defying all physics, he’s able to steer!

Now some bills are narrow and some bills are wide
Each made to catch food and get it inside
But Pelican’s bill is so far out in front
He awkwardly splashes and crashes and snatches
And finally catches his lunch (phew!)

Now looking at him and his strange funny show
You never would guess, you never would know
He’s hiding a magical pouch of great size
He gets the best lunch, yes, he gets the prize! (Gulp, gulp!)

So if you’re feeling awkward just think of this guy
Stretch out what you’ve got and give things a try.
If Pelican Pilot can get off the ground
There’s hope for us all, oh yes, magic abounds!

Daddy Seahorses              by Dorothy Cresswell     January 26, 2018

         C                                                    F             C
The Marine Discovery Center was open 9 to 5
        F                                  C               D7                        G
We saw their sign while tootling around out for a drive.
     C                                                              F                      C
Inside we saw their many tanks with sea life on display
              F                          C                                                 G          C
But for me back in the corner, well, my heart went hip-hurray!

                       C                              F                   C
Look at the seahorse!, a tiny horse in the sea.
                       C                             F                 G
Look at the seahorse, It’s as cool as can be.
                           C                               F                  D7
And seahorse daddies are such a wonder to me.
                    F                      C                   G-C
‘Cause the daddies give birth to the babies
                  F                   C                   G-C
Yes, the daddies give birth to the babies!

No! Yes! No! Uh-Huh!

They’re really fish but horse-like, with markings oh so fine
Fluttery fins behind their cheeks guide them side to side.
They can go straight up or down with a swim bladder inside, Wow!
If I could shrink I sure would ask if I could take a ride, now!

We watched the small seahorses, as fancy as could be
With eyes that move this way and that independently!
A’clinging to the coral with their prehensilated tails.
Hey, that’s a word I want to learn—-prehensilated means “curled”!

I could have watched seahorses for fifty days or weeks
Forward, backward, up or down, like dancers in the seas.
But then, my mind was really blown, that in the whole wide earth
Seahorse’s are the only ones that fathers can give birth!

It turns out that seahorse mommies put their eggs in daddy’s pouch.
They grow in there for days and weeks til they’re ready to come out.
When Daddy feels contractions, he bends and twists just so,
Three hundred seahorse babies,—- whoosh! Out to the sea they go!

Space Age Syrup                                                     by Dorothy Cresswell, January 2017

     C                                                  F                             C
I heard there was an astronaut way out there in space.
                                                               D7                     G
Living on the space station, now that’s a far out place!
        C                                                        E                               Am
And in this great wide universe was one thing that she craved—-
          F                   C                      G                                    C
Vermont maple syrup on her food would sure taste great. (2x)

There also was a family at breakfast in Vermont
Pouring out the syrup like it was a restaurant.
But syrup comes out fast and on their plate made little lakes.
They knew they had too much, but by then it was too late! (2x)

Papa said to Mama, “Could we make a new design?
Instead of jugs and bottles, squirt a little at a time?
Like catsup and like mustard, so none will go to waste?
So they made the special bottle that would find its way to space! (2x)
‘Cause pouring is impossible when there’s no gravity.
There is no force to pull it down, it will not flow out free.
But with their special bottle, when you give a little squeeze
Syrup comes right out and sticks to right to the food with ease! (2x)
Yes, maple syrup’s precious in the air or on the ground.
Mama liked the new design and spread the news around,
“Just squirt the right amount and if you want, a little more.
And none of it is wasted like it is when you just pour.” (2x)

So now when there are astronauts way out there in space
Living on the space station they have a special place
That holds their special bottle with a special kind of tape 
And they squeeze a little syrup when it’s syrup that they crave!
    When it’s syrup that they crave, when it’s syrup that they crave,
    They squeeze a little syrup when it’s syrup that they crave.
    That’s Vermont maple syrup from Butternut Mountain Farm
    In the flexible squeeze bottle it has outer space charm.
    In the flexible squeeze bottle it has outer space charm!

Swift River Paddling Song                                         by Dorothy Cresswell, August 2017

G                                 C             Am
Worlds above and worlds below
D7                                          G
Paddling down the Swift River I go
                                     C            Am
Worlds above and worlds below
D7                                                               G
Floating between them I go with the flow.

2. …I blend with the current and feel the breeze blow.

3. …Reflecting the sunlight the world seems to glow.

4. …So I stop my paddling and take in the show!

5….Where there’s no such thing as going too slow.

6…. My joy on the river just grows and grows


They’ve Done It Again                                               by Dorothy Cresswell, Dec. 2017
They’ve done it again, they’ve done it again,
         C                                      G
The children have done it again, hurray!
                C               G                  C                         G
Stirred up with emotion they worked with devotion
                D7                                                   G
 And changed how the outcome would end, again,
                D7                                                   G
They changed how the outcome would end!

When they heard the news, it gave them the blues:
         C                                G  
The manatees might go extinct? Oh, no!
C                          G             C                     G
At first they were sad, and then they were mad,
                   D7                                     G
Then they spoke up and got them protected, you know.
          D7                                   G
They got them protected, you know.

When they heard the news, it gave them the blues:
Their favorite tree had to go? Oh, no!
At first they were sad, and then they were mad,
Then they spoke up and kept that tree standing, you know.
That tree is still standing, you know.


When they heard the news, it gave them the blues:
Their favorite bookstore would close? Oh, no!
At first they were sad, and then they were mad,
Then they spoke up and kept that store open, you know.
That store is still open, you know.
When they heard the news, it gave them the blues:
Racism spoiled their honeymoon? Oh, no!
At first the were sad, and then they were mad,
Then they spoke up and got them a new one, you know,
They got them a new honeymoon!

So when you are sad or when you get mad
Speak up, organize, follow through.
Whatever your age is when something outrages
Who knows? It could change thanks to you, to you.
The outcome could change thanks to you!

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