Dorothy Cresswell, Helen Fortier, and Katie Tolles - Offering the magic of singing together
THE  CONCERT LAST SUNDAY WAS SUCH A PROFOUND AND UTTER JOY for me THAT I WOULD COUNT IT AS ONE OF THE  PEAK EXPERIENCES OF MY VERY RICH LIFE.  How grateful I am that each of you uses your gifts so abundantly for good!
(From Nan D. after One Journey reunited for a house concert to encourage us through these times, 11/12/17)

Helen Fortier's Music:
Writing and performing healing music based on nature and Spirit.
Helen brings years of songwriting and sharing her healing, harmonious music with the Healing Circle Singers, the One Journey Band, the Thundermoon Choir, and visiting those in need of healing music. She contributes inspiration, leadership and support to everyone around her. Helen's life is enriched by her children and grandson and many pets, both in her home and in the wider world! 
The Healing Circle offers a booklet and CD with 9 of her healing songs.

But much more of her music is available on 5 CDs and on! 

Encompass Me (with One Journey)

Anywhere I Go (with One Journey)

Another Way of Seeing (With One Journey)

I'll Be Lifted
Leave It Open 

For Encompass Me downloads, go to: for Encompass Me downloads!

"I Still Believe" video by Helen Fortier and Louanne Krebs

 Call 413-668-4189, write to:
or use the form in "Contact Us" page.

Helen's 2 interviews on The Song
Unique and powerful songs with great harmony on this episode of The Song: Voices of Dissent featuring Helen Fortier!!!

The Song Voices of Dissent - 164 - Helen Fortier

Published on Jun 20, 2017
Helen Fortier performs on "The Song: Voices of Dissent", hosted by Mary Wheelan and recorded at Frontier Community Access Television in Sunderland, MA.


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